Post-Operative Information

Our interest in your care does not cease with the completion of the operation. If difficulty arises at any time, please call or return for treatment.

In case of extreme pain, uncontrollable bleeding, or any unusual disturbances, patients who have seen Dr. Cutright, please telephone the office immediately at 740.687.0551 (during office hours) 866.327.6056 (after office hours).

The first hour after surgery:

Day of surgery:


The greatest swelling usually occurs in the first 36-48 hours. Applying a cold pack, 20 minutes on - 20 minutes off for a few hours may help decrease the swelling that occurs.


No smoking for at least 3 days.


Foods that are soft and cold or warm are best. Avoid sticky or crunchy foods. Avoid anything hot until the numbing has worn off.

Oral hygiene:

start oral care on the day following your surgery. Gently rinse with warm saltwater after each meal or snack. Gently brush your teeth twice a day. Do not use any mouthwash unless prescribed by Dr. Cutright.

Our complete post-op instructions can be found on our full website.